My Dear Companions,

Please forgive me for writing to you at this late hour, but we are endeavouring to regenerate the earlier world-wide Maitreya Sangha meditation group to participate in a meditative week for the upcoming NGWS Festival Week. Some of you have been added to this list without your consent and so if you do not wish to receive these mailings then please notify me and I will remove your name from the list. We are simply inviting you to participate with us (those of us in AUM and Maitreya Sangha) in a group meditation for the Festival Week of the NGWS.

Attached are some papers which you might find of use to you for your various Festival events, which I am sure that many of you have organised or are seeking to be present at. Attached are:

  1. 1. An MS letter from myself to the larger MS group. Perhaps best to read this first. Please also, feel free to distribute this as you wish to your various contacts and group members. Distribute this far and wide.
  2. An earlier paper written with some slight revisions, “Does the Road Wind Uphill all the Way . . . “ which you are also free to distribute as you wish. This has been requested by popular demand.
  3. The Four Freedoms, and other significant papers of interest, which you are also free to distribute.

If you would like to participate with us in a world-wide group meditation during the upcoming NGWS Festival Week, which is a group meditation that can be performed wherever you are and at any time of your convenience, (it simply requires a linking with the larger group), and with due understanding that that particular week also includes the holiday period, then please request it and it will be sent to you. Please feel free to distribute this material as you wish and far and wide, but please keep us informed of those who wish to participate in the meditation so that we may inform all participants of the various locations so that there may be accuracy in visualisation of the points of light around the globe in the linking process. We can, thereby and together, perhaps create a magnetic field of light-relationships throughout the globe for this wonderful event and opportunity that is now upon us and thus help to precipitate through this field the incoming energies that we will invoke and which will be pouring through us for the benefit of others.

Many of our AUM Lodges will be performing the Solstice Ceremony on Friday, 21st Dec., and so if you are located near to a Lodge then perhaps you might like to attend that Open Meeting as a good gesture for beginning this Festival Week. View our AUM website for details. Many of our Lodges will then be convening a mini-conference on Saturday, 22nd, under the banner of Maitreya Sangha pertaining to inaugurating this Festival Week. That week, as I am sure that all of you are aware, concludes with a Full Moon on the 28th. Thus, we are presented with a unique opportunity. I am sure that many of you have organised events for that week, and so this is simply a gesture and invitation to the larger group to work together, and as an addition to that which you may have perhaps already organised.

My love and good wishes goes out to all of you at this time. May I take this opportunity to wish you all the joys of the season. Our love surrounds you; our fidelity is with you; and may we all go forth from this point in a genuine brotherhood of solidarity to “make the spiritual work in the world successful!”

In Radiant Friendship! Yours, as ever,

Keith Bailey
Maitreya Sangha, Grand Lodge AUM

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